Antimicrobial Organization with the New Carbon Collection

Imagine the kitchen of the future where everything that people touch sanitizes itself and prevents growth of harmful germs and bacteria. Now, picture your current kitchen with madesmart’s® new Carbon Collection. Thanks to a special antimicrobial additive infused into the collection’s products, the kitchen of the future is here!

We Recognize the Importance of Hygiene and Cleanliness.

Let the Carbon collection provide you with peace-of-mind and transform your space with germ-free organization. This collection eliminates 99.9% of bacteria effortlessly helping you sanitize while you organize.

Sanitized Organization Goes Beyond Your Kitchen Drawers!

Many of our most popular organizers used throughout the home and workplace are now featured in this modern, new color. Some of these products include the Two Tier Organizer, the Large Silverware Tray, the 8 Piece Interlocking Bin Pack, and the Soft-Grip Tote. This brilliantly bold collection also introduces a number of new items, including the Junk Drawer Organizer® Ultimate Tray, the Junk Drawer Organizer® Tool Drawer Organizer, and the Junk Drawer Organizer® Stack & Slide. The future of safe, germ-free organization is here thanks to the antimicrobial properties of the Carbon Collection. The collection can currently be found on Amazon and will soon be available on the shelves of Meijer, Fred Meyer, Krogers, and Wegmans with more to come!

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