Classic 10" Twin Turntable

Classic 10" Twin Turntable

The madesmart® Classic Twin Turntable (lazy susan) helps store and make items easily accessible with a spin. With double the storage, the tiered turntable spins while non-slip lining keeps items in their place and the wide base ensures stability. Great for tabletops, fridges, and cabinets.

Color: White item #54411
  • Color Sku:

    White item #54411

  • Dimensions:

    10.40 x 10.40 x 6.00 in

    (26.42 x 26.42 x 15.24 cm) 

  • Details:

    - Spins for easy access

    - Non-slip base

    - Soft-grip surface

    - High-quality, BPA-free plastic

  • Casepack: