Elevated Sink Tray

Elevated Sink Tray

The madesmart® Elevated Sink Tray in carbon gives your soap and sponge a germ-free home. The raised surface allows sponges to dry properly while the flat textured surface gives soap bottles a steady resting surface. Elevated non-slip feet keep the tray from slipping and protect your countertops from soap scum. Made from high-quality, BPA-free plastic for long-lasting organization. All carbon products are infused with antimicrobial properties that eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, preventing the spread of germs.

Color: Carbon item #18816
  • Color Sku:

    Carbon item #18816

    Custom colors available

  • Dimensions:

    9.66 x 3.84 x 0.88 in

    (24.53 x 9.76 x 2.22 cm) 

  • Details:

    - Antimicrobial
    - Raised surface promotes drying

    - Flat surface for soap bottles

    - Non-slip feet prevent slipping

    - High-quality, BPA-free plastic

  • Casepack:


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