Junk Drawer Organizer®

Junk Drawer Organizer®

The madesmart® Junk Drawer Organizer® is a simplified version of our flagship product, the Original Junk Drawer Organizer®. The Junk Drawer Organizer® makes organization easy and keeps all of your miscellaneous objects sorted and out of view. Use the eight compartments to simplify the cluttered drawers in your kitchen, bathroom, office, or school with branded icons to suggest where your items might belong.

  • Color Sku:

    Carbon item #15833

    White item #15333

  • Dimensions:

    14.80 x 12.30 x 1.90 in (37.59 x 31.24 x 4.83 cm) 

  • Details:

    - Fits most standard drawers
    - Eight compartments
    - Branded icons
    - Rounded corners
    - High-quality, BPA-free plastic

  • Casepack: