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3 Secrets for Maximizing Small Spaces

Sometimes it seems like there just isn’t enough space for all of our stuff. It’s easy to feel like you have too many things and not enough room, especially if you live in a small space with limited storage. But did you know that it’s disorganization, not lack of space, that can account for up to 80% of household clutter?

Whether it’s in your drawers, cabinets, closets, or just out in the open, madesmart® is here to give you the tools you need to conquer clutter in your home. Here are some helpful tips for different types of items that are best for maximizing small spaces.

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1. Expandable Items

Let’s start with the drawers. They’re great for storing all those little bits and baubles you accumulate over time. We tend to throw them all into one drawer and call it a day. But over time, that drawer will inevitably fill to the brim and become a black hole where your bottle opener, tangled in a mess of rubber bands and twist-ties, goes to die. You buy another one because you’re sure it’s lost forever, only to realize later that now you have multiples.

We’ve all heard of drawer organizers, but sometimes it can be a pain to guess and gamble when shopping for the perfect size, especially if you forgot to measure your drawers before your Target run. If it’s too big, it’s useless, but if it’s too small, it slips and slides around your drawer.

Well, Expandable Bins and Trays allow you to tailor your drawer organization to fit your needs, literally, and use up every valuable inch of your drawer space. Expandable wings extend from either side to fit the width of your drawer and give you two more compartments for added organization. Small non-slip feet prevent it from sliding so you don’t have to reposition it every time you open your drawer.

2. Stackable Items

Now, let’s start looking up. Think about China for a moment. In a country so populated, they naturally began running out of space. But rather than admit defeat, they took to the skies and started to build vertical farms to take advantage of the extra space above them. When you live in a smaller home or apartment, vertical storage is your best friend. Stackable items utilize vertical cabinet and shelf space that would otherwise go to waste.

Our Stacking Shelves are a great solution for this and come in three different sizes to fit whatever space you need. They’re perfect for cabinets to help organize dishes, glasses, and coffee cups more efficiently, allowing you to stack items that aren’t normally stackable. Our Stack Collection was also designed to utilize vertical space. Items stack with each other to create custom organization that suits your needs. The Stack Collection is excellent for small bathrooms, closets, vanities, or on top of dressers, and hold anything from hair ties to sewing supplies.

3. Customizable Items

In small spaces, it’s more important than ever to find organizational tools that work for you and your space, rather than just adding to the clutter. Finding items that are customizable to your layout is crucial to having an effective/efficient organizational system when space is at a premium. You shouldn’t have to waste your time, money, and precious limited space using organizational products that just don’t get the job done quite right.

Take madesmart® Interlocking Bin Packs for example. They allow you to customize your drawer storage and build the system that works best for you. They’re not only useful in kitchen drawers, but cluttered desk drawers, and even dresser drawers can benefit from a few well-placed bins. Keep an eye out for products like this that can be customized to make the most impact on your space.

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We know it can be frustrating to live in a small space without the tools to manage your belongings. Before you decide to make the switch to Japanese minimalism and get rid of it all, just remember that a little organization can go a long way. Be sure to look for these three key features next time you’re on the hunt for your small-space organizational products.

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