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4 Steps to Better Organization

Most of us have clutter in our homes. It’s the simple truth. As frequently as you may see picture-perfect images or videos of the organization process, realistically, it is often a chaotic and intimidating process that can be stressful for anyone.

It’s okay! Madesmart® is here to help with a few simple tips.

Breaking down your organizational process into small, easy steps can help you achieve your goals without feeling overwhelmed.

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Step 1: Locate

Take a moment to identify the problem areas in your home. The most common cluttered spaces in American homes are the garage, kitchen, and home office. Choose one of these spaces to begin your organizing journey.

Step 2: Empty

Remove all the items from the space you would like to organize. This will give you the blank canvas you need to reimagine a new way of organizing your items. Separate the items you’ve emptied from your space into three categories: love, toss, and donate. Using labeled boxes or bins for this step can be helpful.

Step 3: Arrange

Arrange any organizational products you’ve chosen to help you in the empty space you are about to organize. Keep in mind what you use most often, what you need easy access to, and what can be stored out of the way.

Step 4: Organize

Place your love items in the compartments or spaces that make the most sense to you. Once you’ve chosen a home for your items, try to return them to the same location after each use.

If you finish placing all your love items, and still have room left over, resist the desire to fill them with items you’ve already put in your donate or toss categories. Save these empty spaces for future items that may need a home, or if you’d really like to fill them, try to use these spaces only for extra love items from other areas.

Congratulations! You’re on your way to a more organized home.

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