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Soft Look, Bold Statement | Premium Soft Collection

Madesmart® is revolutionizing home organization yet again with the launch of the Premium Soft Collection. Emphasizing high functionality coupled with ultra-beautiful design, our mission with this new collection is to impart innovation in the most elegant manner. With our dedication to achieving a high-quality product with a sophisticated design, the Premium Soft Collection is unlike any drawer organizers on the market.

Anchored in Style and Expertise.

Our design team’s expertise and experimentation were critical in the creation of the Premium Soft Collection. The organizers in this collection are encased in high-quality, malleable plastic that retains its quality, even after years of use. Smooth, rounded corners and textured decorative elements outfit a beautifully functional, easy-to-clean design. To top it off, with a fully lined soft-grip base, this collection stays anchored wherever you place it; the more items placed inside, the stronger the grip becomes. This means items stay in place no matter what, which makes maintaining clean drawers a stress-free situation.

Bring on the Bold.

As if the elegant design of the Premium Soft Collection wasn’t enough, this collection debuts in our brilliantly bold color, carbon. The internet has been taken over with dark, rich interiors and statement-making countertops and cabinets, which makes it no surprise that black is now the top choice as an accent color in home interiors. Black represents sophistication, depth, intrigue, and solidity, and used the right way, black can be brilliant. Combine the carbon color with the ultra-beautiful design of the Premium Soft Collection, and guests will be drooling over your brilliantly bold drawers.

Modular Sizing Means the Freedom to Organize!

The madesmart® Premium Soft Collection comes in seven specific options: the Large Silverware Tray, Small Silverware Tray, Small Utensil Tray, Gadget Tray, and three sizes of Soft Bins (14x5, 10x3, and 7x5). Whether you have large or small drawers, these options provide modular solutions for the freedom to organize with endless possibilities.

Elevate Your Drawer.

The madesmart® Premium Soft Collection emphasizes ultra-beautiful design with high functionality to ensure brilliantly bold, long-lasting organization.

With several bin sizes and organizers to choose from, the configuration options are endless and ensure freedom to customize to your specific organization needs.


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