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2 Steps Toward a Cleaner Planet

While it’s great, even necessary, to make an effort to recycle your plastic waste, the unfortunate truth is that most of it may not actually end up being recycled. These days, recycling alone simply isn’t enough. It’s time to change our habits and remember those other two Rs that often get overlooked—reduce and reuse.

In an effort to enact positive change, we’ve designed a refillable soap dispenser that maximizes the life of standard dish soap by over 200%. That means fewer trips to the store, fewer bottles that could end up in a landfill or the ocean, and fewer chemicals being released into the environment.

1. Reduce

Not only can dish soap bottles likely end up at sea or underground, the soap itself can be harsh on the ecosystem. Because of the average soap bottle’s design, we often end up dispensing much more than we really need. This soap runoff can release degrading chemicals into our environment and waterways, causing harm to plants and animals.

The madesmart® Foaming Soap Pump transforms your concentrated dish soap into a rich foam with enough grease-fighting action to clean your dishes efficiently without wasting soap or releasing excess chemicals into our planet's ecosystem. Icons on the bottle indicate the best ratio of water to soap to achieve the perfect foam (the ideal foam-ula, if you will). By reducing the overall amount of dish soap you use, over time you’ll be purchasing fewer plastic bottles and cutting down on your plastic consumption. Reduce? Check.

2. Reuse

Now, we know what you may thinking. A brand that makes plastic products wants to reduce plastic waste? It’s true, we would like to see a world with less plastic waste, but not all plastic is necessarily to blame for the unfortunate condition of our planet. The true culprit? Single-use plastic—anything you typically use once and toss into the garbage, or at best, into the recycling bin to hopefully get recycled. Think plastic grocery bags, drinking cups, straws (we’ve all seen the turtle video), shrink-wrap packaging, and of course, plastic bottles.

This is the waste that most commonly ends up in massive landfills or oceanic garbage patches all over the world. But while these types of plastics are quite literally the scum of the earth, other forms of high-quality, reusable plastic can help us avoid the problems of single-use plastic while remaining affordable for everyone.

The Foaming Soap Pump, designed with a wide-neck opening to be easily refilled again and again, allows you to purchase one bottle of soap that will last you over twice as long. Reuse? Check.

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Finding ways to reduce or reuse items may seem like a small and insignificant effort on the grand scheme, but not only is it beneficial for our wonderful planet, it's not so bad for your budget either.


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