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How-To: Dress Your Kitchen in Black

Black is back, alright, and we’re not fighting it. Dark, rich interiors are appearing in our feeds and favorite blogs, with deep-hued accent walls, pitch black appliances, as well as statement-making kitchen cabinetry and countertops. Paired with these black features, a touch of copper can often be found adding a glimmer of light. The pair are a moody match made in heaven.

It can be a bit of a challenge deciding how to approach this mysterious trend, but here are a few tips we’ve put together for those looking to take a trip to the dark side.

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1. Choose Your Element

Those who choose to incorporate black into their kitchens tend to lean towards countertops, cabinets, floors, and walls. Of course, not all of these elements should be made black, or your kitchen will likely end up looking like a black hole (literally). Choosing one element can often be enough—painting is an easy choice, DIY tiles make a beautiful feature backsplash, and for those who are truly handy, staining a butcher block countertop black can make a bold statement.

2. Accentuate Your Assets

Many kitchens already have black appliances, so highlighting these can be a great way to incorporate this trend further. Painting or replacing the cabinetry that surrounds your appliances is an easy way to punch up the black that may already exist in your kitchen, adding depth, and even camouflaging your appliances.

3. Accessorize

For those who may not want to inundate their kitchens with this bold hue, incorporating smaller black accent pieces or features can be an equally satisfying alternative. Black tea kettles, coffee makers, dishes, light fixtures, cabinet hardware, or kitchen accessories can allow you to partake in this gorgeous trend with less commitment.

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As a matter of fact, madesmart® has chosen to have a little fun and go to the dark side with some of our classic items like the Expandable Cabinet Shelf, Sponge Caddy, and Soft Sink Mat in a new color, Carbon. These products blend seamlessly into kitchens with dark features like walls, countertops, or cabinets, and are just as great for those looking to incorporate black into their kitchens without making permanent changes, such as apartment dwellers and renters.

If you don’t feel ready to commit to Carbon just yet, try incorporating similar shades that can blend into the black trend. In fact, our items in Granite make a great softer alternative if you’re not feeling the fully saturated look, and our Clear items can help brighten a dark kitchen with their glossy texture and crystal-clear plastic, all while effortlessly complementing their surroundings.

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