Drying Stone™ Dish Drying Mat

Drying Stone™ Dish Drying Mat

Winner of the 2020 German Innovation Award, The madesmart® Drying Stone™ Dish Drying Mat enhances kitchen sinks with style, efficiency, and a modern twist. This low-profile drying mat is composed of high-quality plastic and an absorbent, mineral-based material designed to accelerate the evaporation of moisture. Composed of non-toxic, naturally occurring materials with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, the Drying Stone­™ eliminates germs through a rapid dehydration process upon contact to improve the hygiene of dishes and utensils placed on the mat to dry. If water-logged, the Drying Stone™ detaches for easy cleaning and can be set in the sun or baked in the oven to accelerate drying.

Color : Granite item #18125
  • Color Sku:

    Granite item #18125

    Custom colors available

  • Dimensions:

    14.72 x 8.83 x 0.50 in

    (37.38 x 22.42 x 1.28 cm)

  • Details:

    - Accelerates drying

    - Antimicrobial & antibacterial

    - Natural, mineral-based materials

    - Spacious surface for dish drying

    - Disassembles for easy cleaning

    - Non-slip base

  • Casepack:


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