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Hot Tools Organizer

Hot Tools Organizer

Clear up vanity space and safely store cooling hot tools with the madesmart® Hot Tools Organizer.  The uniquely shaped organizer fits perfectly over towel bars and cabinet doors, or sits elegantly on the vanity providing a consolidated storage space for hair tools and other styling accessories.  Heat-safe silicone lines compartments and edges providing grip and protection.  Unplug hot styling tools before storing.  

Color: Blue
  • Color Sku:

    Frost & Blue item #77763

  • Dimensions:

    7.12 x 8.40 x 6.17 in

    (18.08 x 21.34 x 15.67 cm) 

  • Details:

    - Fits over towel bars & cabinet doors
    - Heat-resistant silicone compartment
    - Easy access to styling tools

  • Casepack:


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